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How is the material made?

'Desperation is the mother of invention'


menopause clothing being dyed at Kavu clothing.jpg

Stage 1: from bark to material

Eucalyptus bark 49% is added to bamboo bark 49% in a vat. This is processed into thread using eco-friendly processes. Then the magic happens......

The cloth is woven in a specific manner, which gives it larger holes. These larger holes allow your body to breathe. 

The resulting material is breathable and naturally cooling, which helps with the Menopause Night Sweats. 


isa_760xN.2024599966_71zy first Kavu.jpg

Stage 2: then the garments are made

This beautiful cloth (which has never been made before) is now made into garments designed with the menopause lady in mind. The packaging too is eco-friendly being made from potato, corn and soya bean. What's not to love.

DSCN0775 (3).JPG
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